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Heechul’s Cyworld Updates

Sidebar Update:

Kim Hee Chul*
he wrote in Hanja

The cold-hearted do it do it chu


*the red writing is from, obvi~


1 – Chu~♡ – f(x)
2 – Cold-hearted man (Let You Go) – TRAX
3 – Forgotten farewell – The Killers
4 – Trot – Epik High
5 – I’m a Loner – C.N.Blue
6 – July(7) Ipanema Girl – Casker
7 – Original cocktail – HwangSinHae Band

- - - - -
Heechul’s Cyworld Photo Entry 2010.02.14 22:33
In the ‘澈’ folder..

뱅 신 도 움 짤 이 있 네 / There Is Also A Gif Of Baengsin

김희철 2010.02.14 22:33

Heebum who used to just sleep everyday recently has occupied with playing with Baengsin
It’s because of the rank order stop searching only those two(-┏)

- - - - -
Heechul’s Cyworld Photo Entry 2010.02.14 22:41
In the ‘上’ folder..

지 / Gee

김희철 2010.02.14 22:41

How can (you) make it like thisㅡㅡ?
Such a genius…

- - - - -
Heechul’s Cyworld Photo Entry 2010.02.15 18:07
In the ‘尊’ folder..

아 이 온 / AION

김희철 2010.02.15 18:07

Lineage I, Lineage II, WOW, AION etc...
Since it has been begun when I was in high school so it seems that I have played a lot of games
Of course, besides those above games the newly-released games were played too(-┏)

Especially I has played more online games after debuting

Anyway once I decide to play I will keep myself busy only with it and wont meet anyone
I will lock myself in the room playing game so I will get less stress and relax my mind

I was playing WOW the year before when AION was just realeased
I began to play AION a week ago and this character is quite beautiful
Although my character looks a bit dorky...but I still can make it very very beautifulㅋㅋ
The customization is rightㅋㅋalthough I had made it to took funny

I even can insert my face on the back hohohoho..

I have to stop playing game if I want to have a girlfriend(-┏)

- - - - -
Heechul’s Cyworld Video Entry 2010.02.15 18:22
In the ‘希’ folder from Video Album

이 름 부 르 면 대 답 하 는 뱅 신 / Baengsin Which Replies When Hearing His Name

김희철 2010.02.15 18:22

It’s the first time it meow meow after hearing “Baengsin”
From now on I wont do it because it (the cat) feels annoyedㅋㅋ

But why they (the image and the sound) dont synce with each other(-┏)
It’s a little slowlierㅡㅡ It should be because of my phone

source: Heechul’s Cyworld
translated by 1, 2
screenshot + playlist via
video clip reuploaded by aquariusgwen@yt
via icepluscoffee

Tags: cyworld, kim heechul

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