Myrrh/Laura (myrrhcat) wrote in omonatheydidnt,

[TW] GFriend's Sowon posts romantic photos with a freaking Nazi mannequin

Sowon of GFriend is currently facing some very justified backlash for posting some couple-ish photos with a Nazi mannequin (?!?!?!) on Instagram. The photos were soon deleted, but apparently Sowon's stated reason for doing this was so that Buddies (GFriend fans) wouldn't get jealous (?!?!?!?!?!).

In light of this, a VLive broadcast from 2016 has resurfaced in which her groupmate SinB mentioned that Sowon's name in her phone is saved as "Kitler" (a play on Sowon's name, Kim Sojung).

Apparently the mannequin was present on a filming set which the group was using for their comeback showcase, which only raises more questions.

Fans of the group are currently reaching out to Sowon and Source Music via social media to demand an explanation/apology, but there has not yet been a response.

photos (tw: nazism, obviously)Collapse )

Source: Twitter: CHENJlCUB, KOOSDOLLZ, Instagram: onedayxne (posts deleted), V LIVE: GFriend

^ I recommend checking out the two Twitter threads linked for more info, and a message in Korean that you can copy/paste on Sowon's Instagram comments if you choose. This is utterly unacceptable and disgusting.
Tags: cultural insensitivity / racism, gfriend, scandals, wtf

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