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Rolling Quartz - “Blaze” MV + Intro Post

Inspired by lightframes post, I discovered Rolling Quartz from their M Countdown performance! I’m really enjoying the song and wanted to learn more, but it looks like this is also their debut song. They formed in 2019, spent most of 2020 covering songs to put their name out there, and released their first official song “Blaze” right before 2020 ended. So if you’re interested in an all girl rock band or looking for more rock music check them out! Highly recommended if you like Dreamcatcher - especially their earlier work.

More info on the members:
Iree | 25 | Guitarist
Areum | 25 | Bassist
Jayoung | 24 | Main Vocalist
Yeongeun | 24 | Drummer
Hyunjung | 24 | Guitarist

Since they don’t have a lot of songs out yet, here’s a cover of Paramore’s “Misery Business” and they collab with 015B for “Random”:

They have more covers at their YouTube page in the source! Also check out their kprofile page as multiple members have their own YT pages so you can see more of their skill set.

Source: member information kprofile, videos from RollingQuartzofficial
Tags: cover, debut, rock music

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