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Actor Jung Il-woo reveals he suffers from memory loss

Actor Jung Il-woo revealed on MBC's new program "Phone Cleansing" Tuesday that he has been suffering from partial memory loss after a car accident years ago.

He is reported to have sustained serious injuries in the accident in 2006, but it is unclear if he was referring to that particular one on the show.

"I have about 70,000 photos on my mobile phone ― since I have partial memory loss, I try to recall things through pictures," said Jung, who appeared as a guest.

In "Phone Cleansing," the three hosts ― actress Yoo In-na, singer-songwriter Yoon Jong-shin and rapper DinDin ― help the guests organize their mobile phone photos following an in-depth talk.

Jung said since the accident he often forgets where he is supposed to meet his friends. He also said he suffered from depression after being diagnosed a few years ago with a cerebral aneurysm, which can cause a hemorrhage or uncontrolled bleeding in the brain. For nearly a month, he said, he did not see anyone, staying at home after learning about his medical condition.

"After that period, I decided to make a pilgrimage to Santiago, the national capital of Chile," he said. "Thanks to this experience, I got over my uneasiness. I felt like I got healthier and learned to enjoy the present moment."

Jung made his acting debut in 2006 with the thriller "The World of Silence." After ascending to stardom with the 2006 sitcom "Unstoppable High Kick," he has appeared in popular dramas including "The Return of Iljimae" (2009) and "Moon Embracing the Sun" (2012).

The first episode of "Phone Cleansing" also featured actress Kim Sung-eun, who opened up about her family life. After marrying professional football player Jung Jo-gook in 2009, Kim now has three children ― two sons and a daughter.

source: The Korea Times
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