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Pixy - “Wings” World View (Concept Video #3)

Pixy will be debuting with their own story. The summary if you can’t watch:

6 fairies with no wings were not accepted by the other fairies. They became friends after being ostracized by the others. One day one of the fairies found a pair of broken wings and brought it to her group to share her new discovery. The fairy who found it then starts having nightmares involving a witch. The witch has an offer for the fairies - bring her the broken wings to her before the red moon rises, and in return the witch will give the wingless fairies their own wings. But if they ignore her offer, she will curse them all. The fairies set off to find the witch before the red moon rises. (Subtitle says red sun instead of moon the second time, not sure if intentional or accident)

Source: Pixy

Wow, they’re setting up quite a plot for their debut. I’m ready for some teasers of the music.
Tags: debut, nugu, teaser

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