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TaecYeon, “JinYoungie hyung would talk about the same thing for 2 hours”

2PM Ok TaecYeon and Lee JunHo reveals the real Park Jin Young.

They were on SBS Strong Heart aired on 16th February when TaecYeon wrote ‘Terrifying Ringtone’ as his subject for discussion, and reveals that when Park Jin Young calls on the phone the members will get very nervous.

He said, “He will talk about the same thing, and will skillfully change (to talk to another person). He will talk about that same thing for 2 hours.”

TaecYeon added, “We had our first performance and I thought we did well so we changed out and was thinking of going exercising. But JinYoung hyung called and said ‘The rap part, the pronunciation was messed up’. He told to get ChanSung to the phone and ChanSung has to repeat his rap portion for an hour on the phone in the dressing room.”

JunHo added, “The more terrifying thing is working at the recording room. Because my throat was not feeling so good, I would get out of tune. But he did not get angry with WonderGirls YeEun even if she goes out of tune.”

S: MaxMovie, K Bites
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