foxmadgirl (foxmadgirl) wrote in omonatheydidnt,

BlockBerryCreative releases statement re: Chuu's bullying accusations

this is BlockBerryCreative.

We are pleased to announce our position on the issues related to the girl of the month, which is currently spreading online.

First, we will do our best to prevent further victims by clarifying the content relationship related to the issue.

Please be advised that the allegations made are different from the facts.

Then, there should be no more indiscriminate spread.

In addition, we inform you that we will take all possible actions to the extent possible in case of damaging the image and reputation of an artist with unfounded false information.

Finally, please refrain from reporting speculatively based on unconfirmed one sided claims.

Thank you.

source: loonachartsdata via naver

UPDATE: the original OP admitted everything was fake and apologized
Tags: loona, scandals

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