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Sunmi & Red Velvet's Joy for ELLE Korea + Joy For eSpoir


Are you kitten me right meow? Queen Sunmi cameback today with "Tail" and she is still here stabbing us with her looks for the March issue of ELLE Korea.


Red Velvet's Joy wearing Hogan sneakers for ELLE Korea.


Joy became the new face of the cosmetics brand eSpoir back in 2019 and here is the new picturial for their new "Nowear Shine" and "Nowear Velvet" lipsticks.


Sources: ELLE Korea, ELLE Korea IG, Joy's IG

Tags: cf, joy, magazine, photoshoot, red velvet, sunmi

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gorgeous!! i've just been watching red velvet mv/performance playlists lately and staring dreamily at joy, she's so damn beautiful
My younger self would have screamed

Can we have a solo debut for Joy, please?
sunmi looks beautiful as always but i feel the black/red colour palette is used in her shoots a lot?

joy really suits wearing suits/blazers etc and i rarely say that about anyone because im a suit hater on both men and women but she looks great in these two especially
im a suit hater on both men and women

omg you would hate my closet, the amount of blazers lol
i cant stand blazers lol but i have a hatred of restrictive fabric in general and most suits are stiff as hell i love feeling free to stretch any way i want at any time of the day lol

i do think suits look nice on other people but they need to be tailored properly and actually fit and considering the money famous people have they rarely wear suits that fit right
I totally agree about them needing to fit properly
Omg I love suits on men and women!! 🤣

But it’s ok! We like what we like :) same with dislikes. For me that tik tok of the person at target looking at all the dresses that look straight of out of Little House on the Prairie and I just hate that aesthetic lol
i dont love little house on the prairie either but if i had to pick i'd pick prairie lol it's a comfort thing i just find suits so uncomfortable and even on other people i naturally like clothes on them more if they were something i'd actually wear

i think i also just associate suits with being formal and im the most casual person on earth and reject anything that reminds me of being formal i also had to wear a uniform for school that was very suit like everyday from the ages 4-18 so never again!!!
Haha it’s understandable! I definitely think life experience plays a part

For me the little house on the prairie look (....is that part of cottagecore??? I know nothing about cottagecore lol I need to look that up.) I just genuinely dislike it since 1) I hated that show growing up lol it was just so incredibly boring and 2) it represents a time in life that women had essentially no freedom besides being a wife and mother (or just professions that revolves around children), which is just really depressing to me. I can’t shake off that feeling, even though I know the dresses probably just mean ‘simpler’ times to others and it probably does feel good on lol.
i would definitely say its part of the cottagecore look! for me i can separate the aesthetic from the time it originated in mostly because fashion just goes round in circles anyway nothing original has been invented in decades but ia theres a lot of people who get obsessed with a certain look like prairie dresses or 50s swing dresses and make it their entire personality that they wish they were born back then because things were so much more "romantic" and it's like hmmm are you sure you would like to live back then? those attitudes definitely come from the most ignorant and privileged people so i can understand disliking the look out of association with those types of people
joy and sunmi are two of the most beautiful women everrrr imo! the styling is a bit dull though :( i do like joy's nice-color-brown suit with those sneakers
That's it
they're both so pretty. but man, sunmi pulls off red lips like no other. 😍
Sunmi looks so good, I actually prefer her in this style.

when will the ugly sneakers trend die. there are so many styles of sneakers why do they have to keep the chunky designs???
beautiful ladies 😍