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Premiere of "Dear. M" postponed after Park Hye-su accused of bullying

The premiere of the highly anticipated TV drama "Dear. M" as well as promotional events have been delayed indefinitely after lead actress Park Hye-su was embroiled in multiple bullying accusations.

KBS announced the decision Wednesday as Park, 26, ― who plays a kindhearted, optimistic college girl in the series ― was accused by several people online of bullying her classmates when she was in middle school.

"We have decided to postpone Friday's broadcast to closely examine the recent issues against the Dear. M cast member and to perfect the quality of the series," the network said. "The new dates for the series' media conference and its premiere have not been determined."

Park had been scheduled to appear on the music show "You Hee-yeol's Sketchbook" and the radio show "Jung Eunji's Gayo Plaza" on the same network this week to promote the series. But those plans have also been canceled.

One of the accusers, who claims to be a victim of bullying by the actress in middle school, claimed in an interview with a local media outlet that she was assaulted by Park and her friend.

"She made me come to a karaoke and three of them, including her, took turns slapping me… she later made her friend, who was a guy, hit me because her hands got tired," the accuser said. "I got split lips, a nose bleed, and bruised ear. My clothes were stained with blood."

The accuser said her father called Park in anger afterward, but she cursed at him and even said, "You should have done a better job raising your daughter."

Others have accused Park of extorting money from classmates in middle school and high school.

Park has denied the allegations and claimed through her management agency, Studio Santaclaus Entertainment, that some people are trying to take advantage of the bullying scandal ― which has engulfed the entertainment and sports scenes in Korea recently ― for financial gain.

"We have collected substantial evidence proving that the claims are false," the agency said in a statement. "We will maintain a zero-tolerance stance and take legal action against those who spread lies and rumors online."

Park became known to the public after competing in the popular audition show "K-pop Star 4" in 2014. She made her way into acting with a supporting role in the 2015 TV series "Yong Pal" and has taken lead roles in various other series and movies, including the 2018 musical "Swing Kids."

source: The Korea Times
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