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Pixy Releases Episodes On Members Ella & Satbyeol + Ariana Grande Song Cover

Under the cut are videos highlighting members Ella and Satbyeol, two idols who were in former groups before re-debuting in Pixy:

Ella talks about redebuting (doesn’t go into detail on Cherry Bullet, probably isn’t allowed to). Music means a lot to her and she hopes to have music she has worked on included in Pixy one day. She is very positive and loves trying new things, as the video covers her trying out skateboarding. Also wants to be looked at as an caring older sister to her groupmates instead of a strict leader.

Satbyeol’s video starts with her making accessories for her groupmates, and the members talk about how considerate and caring she is. She’s been through a lot just like Ella, in 6th grade she (her family) was scammed out of $2000 by a company claiming to train her to be an idol. Later on she joined Girls’ Alert, which then disbanded because the company couldn’t really afford to promote them. Some people stayed with the company but she ultimately left, but doesn’t want anyone to feel like she abandoned them. Even though she’s been through a lot in her journey to achieve her dream, she’s determined to come through with Pixy.

Source: all videos from Pixy

The individual member episodes are really interesting, hopefully each member gets one!
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