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[trigger warning] Transgender ex-soldier forced to discharge found dead at home

Byun Hee-soo, a 23-year-old transgender former soldier forced to discharge from the Army last year, was found dead at her home, police said Wednesday.

The Army made the discharge decision in January last year after judging that Byun's loss of male genitals belongs to the Level 3 physical disability under the military laws.

In July, the Army rejected Byun's petition for reinstatement. She filed an administrative suit against the Army's decision the following month, arguing it was unconstitutional.

In December, the National Human Rights Commission of Korea (NHRCK) said the Army's decision not to allow Byun, then a staff sergeant, to continue to serve in the military as a female soldier had no legal grounds.

The NHRCK's opinion came after the Center for Military Human Rights Korea, a civic group, had filed a petition alleging Byun's forced military discharge was discrimination against transgender people.

Byun's case drew extensive attention because she was the first South Korean active-duty soldier to have sex reassignment surgery while in service. (Yonhap)

Source: The Korea Times, Heezy Yang/Hurricane Kimchi's Twitter

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If you or a person you know are having suicidal thoughts and need help, don't hesitate and call one of the numbers on this list.

If you want to support trans and LGBTIAQ+ rights in Korea, please find some here at Heezy Yang's website

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