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Twice Roundup: New Japanese Single “Kura Kura”, Japanese Concert, Time To Twice

New music is coming for Twice! It’s a new Japanese release, “Kura Kura” for the title track and a b-side named “Strawberry Moon”. The songs are released officially May 12th, but as Japanese MVs are released earlier we can expect the title song possibly late March or early April? During their performance of “TT” at their concert, the girls were caught changing the choreo so it’s assumed that’s a giveaway for the upcoming song (you can see the spoiler here)

Some cute OT9 stuff under the cut as well as new Time to Twice episodes and Behind The Scenes for Momo’s dance project:

Twice performed their recent online Japanese concert on March 6th.
Jeongyeon participated but still sat down while she performed, like for their previous online concert. We got cute moments like this:



Momo has a video of how her performance project came to be. There are better shots of her second choreography here as well as her dancing to JYP & Rain’s recent song.

Time to TWICE’s current theme is Twice at “The Chocolate Factory”, the girls are back in groups and have wacky challenges to compete in:

Sources: @misayeon, @twicetagram, @twicesxz, videos from Twice
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