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BDC - 'Moon Rider' M/V + 'The Intersection: Discovery' Album Listening Post


꽃이 피네 (Fine)

공기가 달라 (Love In The Air)

-I love the music video a lot! Especially beginning with the second verse when they find each other in the tunnel. I'm so glad they're continuing with the moon concept. Mad at them for ending on a cliffhanger, though
-Chemical is DEFINITELY my favorite song on this mini right now. Another great start to a mini, just like Dump
-Fine is cute and still good but I just think it's hard to match the other songs on this mini (plus I tend to be tough on fan songs)
-Love In The Air is so pretty. BDC continues to not have any bad songs. Overall I think this mini is more pop/dance and Belief was a little more R&B (there's really nothing like Dump here)

Sources: BRANDNEW MUSIC | BDC 1, 2, 3
Tags: album listening post, brand new music, comebacks, music video, produce 101 alumni

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