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"Love Alarm" cast teases big plot, mature characters for season 2


Netflix's original series "Love Alarm" is coming back for season 2 with more complicated plotlines and mature characters.

Based on Chon Kye-young's webcomic of the same title, the series revolves around a mobile app called Love Alarm, which notifies its users if someone who has romantic feelings for them is within 10 meters.

The first season featured a love triangle between three high school students ― Kim Jo-jo (Kim So-hyun), Hwang Sun-oh (Song Kang) and Lee Hye-young (Jung Ga-ram) ― while the new season will pick up from the ending of season 1 as the characters enter adulthood.

By the end of season 1, the Love Alarm app releases a 2.0 version that can tell the user if a person within 10 meters truly loves them. It can also predict whether that person will fall in love with them in the future. With the updated function of the app, Kim discovers that not only does Lee love her, but so does Hwang. So she is now left with a choice between the two men.

Actress Kim So-hyun, who plays Kim Jo-jo in the series, expressed her excitement about reprising her role in season 2.

"In the first season, Jo-jo appears as a defensive character who puts a shield on her love alarm so she can't ring anyone's alarm. She's afraid of expressing her feelings. However, Jo-jo decides to get the shield removed from her love alarm in the second season and tries to be as honest as she can be when it comes to handling relationships," she said during a press conference for the series held in Seoul, Monday.

The first season of "Love Alarm" quickly gained recognition after it was released in August 2019, and actor Song Kang revealed that his social media following has since grown by 25 times.

"I changed my voice tone for the new season. Viewers can expect a more mature romance in season 2. More elements of fantasy have been added, and it will also show how the characters heal their wounds and reaffirm their feelings," Song said.

On being dubbed "the son of Netflix" for starring in three Netflix original series, including the hit "Sweet Home" (2020), the 27-year-old actor said he feels honored to have earned that title.

"It's a great pleasure and honor to work with Netflix. Surprisingly, all three of my Netflix series were based on web comics. It was never my intention, but I think I was attracted to them because they have interesting plotlines and carry social messages. I want to keep on expressing a wide range of complex human emotions," he said.

Director Kim Jin-woo, whose previous works include the Korean adaptation of the hit legal series "Suits" (2018) and crime mystery "Queen of Mystery" (2017), newly joined to produce the season 2.

"I feel pressured and lots of responsibility because the first installment was a huge hit and the actors had already built their characters. My task was to deliver their chemistry onscreen and capture their emotions in a delicate way," he said.

The second season of "Love Alarm" will premiere on Netflix, March 12.

source: The Korea Times
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