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t/n: it was announced earlier that MJ's posthumous concert "This Is It" will be held in South Korea on 27 & 28 March 2010.

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U-know Yunho joins Michael Jackson's posthumous concert to further improve on music and dance.

To become a part of the concert, U-know Yunho will be leaving for the United States.

Recently, U-know Yunho signed the contract to be part of Michael Jackson's posthumous concert "This Is It", and he is set to head for Los Angeles, United States in early March. He is expected to learn from the "This Is It" team and learn Michael Jackson's songs and dances.

A representative of the concert expressed, "For this concert, all the members of the <2010 This Is It World Tour>, launched on 7 July last year in London and held for 50 days straight, will be participating. There are plans for Korean singer U-know Yunho to take the stage and present to everyone a Michael Jackson performance."

After U-know Yunho's training ends, he will be performing on 27 and 28 March at the War Memorial of Korea, Yongsan-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul.

For this concert, other artists attending are Bashiri Johnson, Maurice Pledger and Judith Hill. As Korea's representative, U-know Yunho will be working closely with them.

The representative also said, "It is well known that Yunho is personally a huge fan of Michael Jackson and when he passed away, he even wrote on his blog that Michael Jackson was his sole inspiration. U-know Yunho is a big star that swept across Asia and he's also a Michael Jackson fan, so we are even more sure that he will bring to everyone a fantastic stage."

Also, tickets will be available for purchase on the online site 'yes24', on 2 March.

(t/n: it has never been proven that Yunho really blogged about it / owns the blog)

Source: [baidutvxq]
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Edit: Direct Korean translation added :)

TVXQ member U-Know Yunho will be leaving to the United States to be a part of the 'Michael Jackson Memorial Band".

U-Know Yunho recently signed a contract to appear at the Michael Jackson memorial concert 'This is it' and will be boarding a plane headed for LA, USA in March.

He is planning to join the 'This is It' team and learn the songs and choreography for the concert.

One representative of the concert said, "The band members of the <2010 This is It World Tour> band who were preparing for Michael Jackson's 'This is It' concert, that was to start in July last year in London and go for 50 days, have gotten together. Korean singer U-Know Yunho is planning to appear in the concert and give a Michael Jackson performance."

After finishing rehearsals, U-Know Yunho will appear in the domestic round of 'This is It' on the 27th and 28th of March that will be showing at the War Memorial Peace Plaza in Yongsan, Seoul.

This concert will include percussionist Bashiri Johnson, who won his fame thanks to Michael Jackson, and keyboardist Morris Pledger as well as Michael Jackson's backup singer Judith Hill who sang <We are the World> and <Heal the World> at Michael Jackson's funeral.

U-Know Yunho will be the representative for Korea and will be standing alongside them.

This representative also said, "U-Know Yunho is a big fan of Michael Jackson. When Michael Jackson passed away, U-Know Yunho wrote 'He was an inspiration' on this blog. U-Know Yunho is a representative star of ASia, and he is a Michael Jackson fan so I think he will give a great performance."

Source: [hankooki+DNBN]
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