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2PM for Cola-Cola presents: Lessons in Ssanti & more

Some cute videos of 2PM on the set of their Coca-Cola commercial: showing off their talents + short interviews.

Wooyoung's Ssanti Dance Lessons & Nichkhun's Thai Boxing

English Translation: "Step 1: Jump a bit and work on your footwork.
Step 2: Just vent your inner energy out. Keep your facial expression and your action parallel. (He keeps on emphasizing, vent it out…vent it out)
Step 3: Move a little to the left and to the right (seems indecisive whether to move to either side.)
Step 4: Step back and prepare to run but then hesitate. (Should I run or Should I not??)
Step 5: Ends with poising your feet like this. Perfect Ssanti dance completed!"

Taec (balloon doll dancing) & Junho (how to do a handstand)'s talents:

Caption for Taec says: "Omg! Is that a dancing puppet? Daebak!" One of the captions for Junho says "Ninja Assassin". LOL.

Junsu & Chansung's interview:

English Translations:

Q: The most difficult experience when you were a trainee?
CS: We all agree that learning acrobatic moves was the hardest. We had to do it because Jinyoung Hyung said that that kind of dance would set us apart from other bands. So we have to do it, despite fatigue and pain.

Q: Between acting and singing, which one would you choose?
CS: Before, Jinyoung hyung told me all the time that ‘You really should practice singing.’ But I think singing and acting have some connections so I cannot pick either of them.

Q: Your feeling towards Mini Coke?
CS: It is small,cute and portable. You can carry it and drink it whenever you want. It is inconvenient to stuff ordinary-size coke in ladies’ handbag but mini coke allows you to do that.

Q: Who is (are) your most influential artist(s)?
JS: I admire Stevie Wonder and R.Kelly. They influence my singing style and preferences of music.

Q: In ten years, what will the other members be doing?
JS: Wooyoung will be married to someone. He is the type that will marry fast. Taecyeon, an athlete…Chansung will be a programmer since he loves to play computer games while Nichkhun will be a Hollywood star. Junho and I will hang out often and I'll also be married with my own kid. (omo, Junbros love. Prection!)

Q: Your feelings towards Mini Coke?
JS: The smaller one is better. I take ages to drink the big one. Mini coke fits my needs.

SOURCES: Kor-Thai by Wawa
Thai-Eng by Kagetsu Crackerbaby
WAWAcozymilkiss @ YouTube
Tags: 2pm, interview

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