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shinee's key discusses jonghyun on "i live alone"

on march 19th, shinee's key made an appearance on mbc's i live alone. following a tour of his new apartment and quality time spent with his dogs, the episode turned toward a homemade dinner with snsd's taeyeon where key discussed jonghyun. (he also discussed him with the panel of the show as they watched the clips.) because the conversation is reflective of dec 18th, quotations from the discussion are going to be behind the cut.

given that there have been no articles translated on the discussion yet (nor have any videos been subbed on it), most of the translations have been from fan accounts so they vary in description level, etc. the above translations are just two parts of the conversation. another more causal thread of translations can be found here and here. a little more emphasis on the m!countdown speech mention: he essentially said that he felt like what he said was something that he had been holding back / wanting to say for awhile.

source(s): moonkle525 / @zoeyyy (1 / 2 / 3)

when i saw the preview for the show, i had a feeling he was going to talk about this. i'm incredibly proud of key for being so open about it, and for touching on so many things that are ... very important (such as the frustration regarding people treating jonghyun like a taboo topic). they truly love him and he'll always be a part of the group.
Tags: jonghyun, key, shinee, taeyeon

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