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Nana says she's living "vicariously" through her role in "Oh My Ladylord"

Singer-turned-actress Nana, whose real name is Im Jin-ah, said she did not hesitate in deciding to take the lead role, Oh Joo-in, in MBC's new romantic comedy series, "Oh My Ladylord."

And as she had hoped, the actress says she is enjoying her role to the fullest by living "vicariously" through the character.

"I loved the fact that this character is so bright, lovely, and warmhearted.... I took the role without hesitation when this heartfelt rom-com script came to me," Nana said during an online media conference for the series, Wednesday.

"I personally am not the type who would fire back at someone. But Joo-in is not afraid to speak her mind. So when she hits back at people with whom she's having tension, I just feel so satisfied."

The series follows a romance between a popular actress Oh Joo-in and a star thriller series screenwriter Han Bi-soo (actor Lee Min-ki).

Behind the flashy life of a top star, Joo-in is a down-to-earth person who worked hard to make ends meet for her parents. Bi-soo is a self-centered person who comes from a successful, wealthy family.

The two completely opposite people come to live together as Joo-in allows Bi-soo to live in the house she bought from his mom, hoping to earn a role in the series he's scripting.

Led by director Oh Da-young, whose previous work includes, "The Guardians" (2017) and "Bad Papa" (2018), the series is written by Jo Jin-kook, who wrote "You Are My Destiny" (2014) and "Lonely Enough to Love" (2020).

The series hit a bumpy road in the beginning when its original director Hyun Sol-ip was dismissed from the show in February after getting disciplinary action from the network. MBC did not disclose the reasons for the action.

Director Oh shared the pressure she had after joining the series in the middle of the production.

"Scenes were already filmed and I did not have much time to get caught up, so I wondered how I can take part in this. It was overwhelming," she said. "To alter the piece into my own style, we had to make additional scenes and re-shoot. I really appreciate the actors for willingly following my lead and sharing ideas to make the series better."

The director noted that the series is not just another romantic comedy. "(The series) has a story that makes us think about how we should love and show it to others in our daily lives. (Not just romantic relationship) but it is also about family love," she said. "The touching message is what sets our series apart from other works."

Actor Lee also expressed that the series' message led him to take the role. "I liked that the series was lighthearted, and how the writer's message in the series was clear… about romance and life," he said.

Regarding his co-star Nana, the actor said the similarity between her and her character helped with his acting. "Nana's role is a heartwarming person, and she is too… she has this warm energy to comfort people," he said.

Nana responded to his comment, saying she's grateful to work with Lee who has an extensive portfolio in the romance genre, including the TV series "The Beauty Inside" (2018), and the movie "Very Ordinary Couple" (2013).

"I love the look he gives (in the scenes)… I can feel that he's putting his heart into the scene, which allows me to follow along and get into the role," she said.

The director also applauded Lee, calling him the "master of rom-com."

"I learned a lot from him. When we are discussing the set, we would connect, because he would see from producer and directors' point of view," she said. "And for Nana, the acting comes naturally for her. She fills in the blank that I would overlook and miss."

"Oh My Ladylord" airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10 p.m.

source: The Korea Times
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