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Comeback Teasers: WJSN’s “Unnatural” MV Teaser, Yukika’s “Timeabout” Tracklist

“Unnatural” will be out this Wednesday.

Information on Yukika’s mini album “Timeabout” under the cut. It will 6 tracks: 1 intro, her prerelease “Lovemonth” and 4 new songs. “Insomnia” is the title track.

1. Leap Forward (Intro)
2. Insomnia
- The producer involved with IU’s “Lilac” worked on this!
3. Lovemonth
4. Time Travel
- Bull$eye has composed city pop too, Momoland's Starry Night, as well as various songs for IZ*ONE
5. 비밀리에:
- Dr.JO also worked on IU's Lilac, and other awesome retro songs like Yubin's Perfume and Lady (city pop) (OP: OMG!!!) and gugudan's A Girl Like Me.
6. PUNG!:
- Two members of retro themed project girl group CSVC, Park Moonchi and Cheeze, worked on this song. Also worked on it is An Shinae, a member of The Barberettes and has composed songs like Lee Hi's Holo (OP: Also !!!) and Hold My Hand, GWSN's Wonderboy The Aerialist, Taeyeon's LOL.

Source: 1thek, @ubt_yukika, info on tracklist: @CronoDroid on r/kpop
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