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Seo Hyo Rim flashed her goods to… ?

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Talent Seo Hyo Rim recently appeared in a variety show and shared a hilarious story involving her first crush and a loose bikini top.

The story was shared on the latest episode of KBS 2TV’s Happy Together, which aired earlier today. Seo Hyo Rim started the story innocently enough with, “In my early 20s, I visited a swimming pool in Yongin where I ran into my former crush from school.”

She then went onto say, “I wanted to show off my diving skills to him but went a little overboard (no pun intended) and when I jumped into the pool, the bikini top flipped over, revealing everything… At first, I didn’t notice so I strutted out of the pool doing my sexy walk, but then I realized everyone was staring at me. My mortified friends rushed over to cover me and pushed me back into the pool.”

I’m having trouble deciding what’s funnier; that her bikini top flipped over and she flashed everyone or that her friends grabbed her and pushed her back into the pool! Hopefully, her school crush was a gentleman and just let the whole incident pass without too much grief.


IDK who she is, but this was too good not to post~
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