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Thelma Aoyama blogs about Big Bang’s Electric Love Tour and receives a nice gift

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The boys of Big Bang just wrapped up their Electric Love Tour 2010 in Japan and Thelma Aoyama blogged about her experiences with the boys.

She’s blogged about them in the past and as many of you already know, she collaborated with Taeyang (SOL) for her recent single Fall in Love.

Here’s a rough translation of what she posted on her blog:


I joined the Big Bang Electric Love Tour 2010 as a special guest!

Me and Taeyang (SOL) sang “Fall in Love” together for the first time! We enjoyed it so much and thanks to all the fans of Big Bang for partying with us!

Some Behind the scenes information:
The Big Bang members are all so close with each other (love love). They treated me like a member of the Big Bang family! After the performance when I was taking a break, all of the Big Bang boys came to my room and thanked me, they even brought flowers and presents for me!

While I was opening the present, Seungri (VI) told me to open it slowly or you might die because you’re gonna be too happy… When I opened it and saw that it was an expensive Balenciaga pink clutch bag, I almost died because I was too happy!

The Big Bang members took great care of me for 3 days and I had a great time with wonderful experiences with the Big Bang members… I have to say their fans are the best!

After previously giving her the expensive Heartbeats (Lady Gaga) by Dr. Dre, the boys got her an expensive Balenciaga clutch bag! They’re spending the big bucks on these presents. Thanks to Bitten for the tip and check out some of the photos she uploaded on her blog below.


I am so jealous of Thelma DDDD:
I want BB to buy me things and shower me with love~ T_T

BTW, there are more pictures at her blog, which you can visit here
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