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KARA’s hit song ‘Mister’ was originally made for male idol singers’ use?

KARA’s hit song ‘Mister’ was made for male singers?

Making the many Korean males’ hearts flutter with their butt dance and the hit song ‘Mister’, the secret to the song has also been revealed recently. The song which has showcased the KARA members’ cuteness and youthful charms was initially made for the use by male idol singers. With the truth behind the song revealed, many were shocked.

An official said, “The song ‘Mister’ was actually made for male code. We didn’t know that the song will go well with KARA.”

KARA revealed their new song ‘Lupin’ on 17th February and it has been received overwhelming responses going up to the #1 spot on various realtime charts. Especially since the girls have dumped the pretty cute image for a strong and new image, there has been much interests garnered.

An official said, “KARA is one of the groups in Korea with great individuality. And hence songs with stronger sound will bring out the members’ charms better. And that is why their hits like ‘Break It’ and ‘Mister’ which were originally intended for male singers did well as the girls were able to carry it out with their own styles. Instead of calling it transformation, we feel that the word evolution fits better.”

The group has been called the ‘progressive stars’ because even though they debuted about the same time as So Nyeo Shi Dae and WonderGirls, they went through many ‘failures’ like members leaving the group etc. But through the different stages they emerged stronger and more matured.

And that is why this album and song is important to the girls, because with the huge pressure on the girls and the great image transformation, the girls need to win the hearts of the fans.

But as we can see, the song ‘Lupin’ has been given the first acknowledgement with the overwhelming responses that it received. There is great anticipation for the girls’ new evolution for their comeback.

Meanwhile, KARA will be having their comeback stage on 25th February on Mnet M!Countdown.

Source: Newsen + KBites


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