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Laboum may return to music shows to repromote "Journey To Atlantis"!

Laboum may return to music shows to repromote their rising song 'Journey To Atlantis'!

Global H Media says they are discussing to promote LABOUM's 'Journey To Atlantis' on music shows.

Following the belated popularity of Brave Girls' "Rollin," LABOUM's "Journey to Atlantis" has been climbing up the various music charts as a song gaining belated recognition and rose more than 1,000 ranks on the charts. "Journey to Atlantis" was originally released back in 2016.

Source: nugupromoter, naver, theseoulstory, Mnet K-POP

There is 1 news outlet confirming it already but they didn't add any sources (of course they didn't) I could only find reliable sources saying they are still discussing it, but things are looking good right now for Laboum. I really hope they can have their moment. The timing is perfect, JtA is lovely for spring! Will update when it's confirmed ♥
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