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Music Bank 210402

[Sinchon Tiger]

Sinchon Tiger - Won't Be Long

[Hwang In-sun]

Hwang In-sun - BEOTIGOGAE


NTX - Kiss The World


MIRAE - Killa


Ciipher - I Like You


Harrianne - The Breach of Self Esteem

[Purple Kiss]

Purple Kiss - Ponzoña


T1419 - Exit


GHOST9 - Seoul


DRIPPIN - Young Blood

[Jin Hae Seong and Oh Yoo Jin]

Jin Hae Seong and Oh Yoo Jin - Love Half Tears Half


DKB - All In


Weeekly - After School


Pentagon - Do Or Not


Woodz - Feel Like

[Kim Sejeong]

Kim Sejeong - Warning (feat. Hoyoung)


WJSN - Last Dance

WJSN - Unnatural

Sources: KBS WORLD TV | KBS Kpop
Tags: dsp media, jellyfish entertainment, music bank, pentagon, rbw / rainbow bridge world, sejeong, trot, wjsn, woodz, woollim entertainment

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