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GD to get 8 covers for Dazed Korea's anniversary issue

The Cover for The 13th Anniversary Edition of KOREA.

After setting foot on this land for the first time in April 2008, Korea turns 13 years old as of April 2021. In a time so difficult and rough, where being different is still criticized, we have prepared our most like contents for our independent readers who have been supporting Korea without bias since the beginning. The 13th Anniversary edition of Korea will feature the world’s most iconic and assertively the most like person, who loves music and fashion, enjoys art, who transcends invisible worth into life itself, G-Dragon. With 8 spread covers and 58 pages, this edition will be worth having. As Chanel’s global ambassador, the most perfect yet raw moments of G-Dragon’s life is captured through a creative collaboration with creative director Gee Eun and photographer Heejun Kim in the form of modern fashion photographs. Last but not least, artwork made during the photoshoot and a never been heard before interviews will be released as well.

More pics:

I love the big green jacket SO MUCH.

source: DazedKorea 1 2 3 4 5, 6 7 8 & dazedkorea
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