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Apink’s Chorong Accused of Physical Violence By Childhood Friend + Apologizes For Underage Drinking

Apink’s agency Play M Entertainment has responded to more evidence submitted by alleged victim “A.”

On April 1, Apink’s agency Play M Entertainment announced that they had taken legal action against a childhood friend of Chorong who had allegedly been threatening her with false claims. In the days that followed, the childhood friend in question went public with her allegations, accusing Chorong of (TW: Physical Violence) [Spoiler (click to open)]having slapped her face and kicked her in the shin when they were students.

On April 7, “A” shared she had expected Chorong would admit to the school violence accusations but was flustered that Chorong’s side responded with legal action instead. “A” said she would also take legal action and revealed a transcript of her phone call that showed Chorong had acknowledged she had been involved in school violence.

Here is the telephone transcript as follows:

Chorong: I didn’t do those things to you for no reason.

“A”: Whether there was a reason or not, what you did was wrong. Did I do anything wrong to you? After you hit me that day, I reported you to the police. But at the time, my friend told me to just let it slide because it seemed like you were drunk.

Chorong: This was something I should have talked to you about back then. Like you said in your DM, there was a misunderstanding. Anyway, I should’ve talked to you on the spot and solved it, but I was a bit angry at the time.

“A”: So why did you do that? Tell me. What was the reason? Why were you mad at me?

Chorong: Just as you said in your DM, there was someone I liked back then.

“A”: Yeah, I know, but he went out with me. I don’t know if it was because of that, but your friend said, ‘Chorong wants to beat you up.’ What I remember is that you slapped me across the cheek and your friends kicked my shin, so I had bruises on it. It was when when we wore skirts to school, so the classmate who sat next to me still remembers it. And, what is it again? There were a lot of kids back then.

“A”: Honestly, if you were in my shoes, don’t you think you’d remember that trauma for a long time? Would you just forget about it?

Chorong: No, I don’t think I would.

“A”: To be honest, I’m shaking a lot while talking about this right now. But would you really be okay if someone did that to your future daughter?

Chorong: No.

“A”: Honestly, I didn’t have a lot of strength back then. I had a small frame, and I looked weak too. I was a bit traumatized from this, so even during college when a bunch of girls looked at me, it’d make me wonder if they have something against me or if they’re talking about me. I kept my head down for a while.

“A”: But you… don’t know how much I suffered, do you? I just thought I didn’t have to watch Apink when they come out on TV, and I’d just turn it off when your group came on. But as I got older, I couldn’t do that anymore. I wondered why I should live like this when I’m the victim.

Chorong: I’m really sorry. So… I shouldn’t have done that in that situation. Whether there was a misunderstanding or not, I should’ve talked it out with you. But I think I was pretty upset at the time.

“A”: It is what it is, but if you were going to debut as a celebrity and keep appearing on TV, you should’ve apologized to me. Don’t you think so? I’m still living with the pain, you know?

Chorong: Honestly, I came up after auditioning in a hurry. It was very hectic. Everything happened in a short amount of time, so it’s true that I couldn’t take care of everything.

In response to the transcript which PlayM claims is allegedly manipulated by the accuser, Play M Entertainment issued the following statement:

We are here to inform you of our position regarding the recent phone call transcript.

“A” only revealed part of the phone call and maliciously distorted it.

During the first call, “A” threatened Chorong and showed unexpected behavior like talking about personal matters that were neither true nor related to the issue. First off, Chorong apologized without asking for details. She apologized regardless of the reason because they had a close relationship in the past and it was true there was some sort of conflict between them. However, she did not admit she was involved in school violence. “A” wanted to meet up, so they even tried to arrange a date.

As we previously revealed about how “A” continued to threaten Chorong for over a month, “A” is telling stories that have nothing to do with the issue by revealing past photos and only a part of the recording.

We also have recordings of the first and second calls, and we submitted them as evidence to the police. We wanted to reveal the truth in accordance with legal procedures, but because “A” is continuously making malicious postings, we will release the recordings if necessary.

The accuser also released photos of Chorong drinking when she was underage. Chorong did confirm the photos were real and she had drank alcohol when she was underage. She went into further detail on the situation on her IG page:

(Warning: Alludes to the physical violence)

Hello, this is Park Chorong. I apologize for the fact that I am greeting you regarding an unfortunate matter.

First, before I explain recent events, I apologize for the fact that I have given people cause for concern in regards to the photos of my drinking when I was a minor. I have hurt everyone who has been supporting me through my immature and foolish wrongdoings from when I was young. There is no room for excuses, and I sincerely apologize.

In regards to the matter that recently became known [to the public], it began at the end of February and has been continuing for about a month. During that time, I made a lot of effort to try to communicate amicably, but it did not end up working out that way, which I find very unfortunate. I read the reports and interviews related to me that were published yesterday.

Although things have escalated to this point because of a misunderstanding between us, I feel even more tortured because I still have memories of being friends [with that person] starting from elementary school all the way to high school, of our playing together and spending time together, and so I feel awful to the point where I can’t express it. But I want to repeat once again that in regards to the untruths that have been spread, I am completely innocent up until the end.

I never, at any point, slapped Ms. Kim’s face like she claimed, took off her clothing, or committed violence against her. In regards to this matter, I will do my utmost to completely prove my innocence through the testimony of those who were present at the time and transcripts of my phone call(s) with Ms. Kim.

Finally, I have terribly wounded all the fans who have cheered me on and supported me for the 10 years since my debut. I was afraid that due to this incident, you might feel as though my sincere words and actions up until this point were insincere, and I was also scared of disappointing the fans who have supported and believed in me.

I feel nothing but apologetic to my fellow Apink members, our fans, our agency staff, and all of the many people who have helped me. To all of our fans and the Apink members, I ask for forgiveness for having to convey this kind of news on our 10th anniversary, and I bow my head in sincere apology.

Sources: L.Kim at Soompi, @mulgokizary, E Cha at Soompi,
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So she slapped A in the face and kicked her in the shin yet she calls it a "misunderstanding" and Play M an "incident"?
What I remember is that you slapped me across the cheek and your friends kicked my shin

Based on the translation here, Chorong only slapped. Not that it makes it better....
she did all this over a GUY???? i forgot how ridiculous school fights could be and bullies will really pick on the stupidest shit

i don’t see how this could work out positively for her and why the company is so adamant to fight the victim.
Welp. Chorong was my favorite APink member but this is inexcusable, and I honestly don't see APink coming back from this as a group since she was pretty much the glue that kept the members together for so long. That's why I'm not entirely surprised by this coming out bc, despite her soft-spoken image, she can be very commanding, so you're either with her or against her. That's probably why she was an effective leader since all of the other members seemed to be loyal/in agreement with her vision for the group (otherwise Naeun and Eunji probably would have bounced sooner). Any sliver of hope that they would overcome this was lost when she/Play M decided to go into panic defensiveness in response to the victim. They should have just admitted that an incident of assault did occur, and the actual (stupid) reason behind it, and publicly apologized which would have come off better. These aggressive moves on behalf of her and the agency show that they don't have any sense of remorse or growth.
mess that this happened over a guy and very disappointed in her. idk what play m is saying that this is only part of the phone call — if the whole phone call would be released, would we hear chorong say "just kidding!" at the end of the conversation or something? but play m seems kind of confident having provided transcripts to the police etc
I'm just baffled of the amount of violent cases that keep coming up, how are ppl capable of this
What is going on.. wow this is crazy
They're 30 years old! This is ridiculous.

Goodness help the people (not just this particular situation) who can't let go of a 15yr old issue
Ah yeah just 'let go of' your trauma! It's that simple!


No, assholes who bully, use physical violence and cause people trauma shouldn't be allowed to be public figures. It doesn't matter how long it has been. Why should victims have to see their bully's faces everywhere? Victims deserve to get a proper apology etc. for the trauma they've endured and bullies shouldn't be allowed to walk away with no repurcussions.

It doesn't matter how long it's been, trauma doesn't just ~go away~ because it's been x amount of years


1 week ago


1 week ago


1 week ago


April 7 2021, 23:24:58 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  April 7 2021, 23:28:16 UTC

🙁 it's a lot to digest. Idk how to feel yet, except defeated? tired?
And all this over some guy? ffs
I dunno, a slap during a fight just doesn't sound that bad. beyond stupid reason to fight, but teenagers. And extra dumb reason to end a friendship. I hope A is more upset about the ending of the friendship than a slap.

Everyone feels differently about things. I am with Chorong in that I wouldn't be fixating on something like this after 15 years, but I also wouldn't want a potential daughter (or anyone younger) to have to experience it either. Same with most of the sh-t I have been through. I definitely got slapped when I was younger and got over it, but that is my personality. (This doesn't sound like a pattern and practice to me, versus an incident.)
i'm guessing this person had a greater pattern of trauma going on in their life, if they held on to this one incident and fixated on it for this long.
either that, or they're seeing the wave of celebs being called out for bullying and decided to jump on for their 15 minutes of attention.

Always amazed when people normalize violence but I shouldn’t be surprised 🙃

I guess even though this incident happened like 15 years ago, with the rise in bullying reports against idols, Chorong was bound to get called out even though she's a veteran in the industry. This is such a petty issue to fight over, it was just a guy?! Why do you need to assault your so called friend over something like this?! SMH

Chorong should have just apologized for her wrongdoings and left it at that, but the company is adamant on fighting the victim — this is not putting her in a positive light at all. How exactly do they plan to prove her innocence?


April 8 2021, 03:20:13 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  April 8 2021, 03:22:06 UTC

idk man... i'd probably also still hate someone who slapped and kicked me when i wasn't expecting it. then again, i'm sensitive and have social anxiety. reading these texts i think she might've also been struggling with other issues too
Maybe I'm being naïve or am blinded by my love of Apink, but this situation seem a little different to me. The firm denial from Chorong and her company and the immediate legal action suggests either confidence that this really is slander... or certainty that they can silence the victim with the threat of legal action.

The fact that the company submitted recordings and transcripts of the phone calls to the police is what stands out to me.

Again, maybe I'm being naive or am foolishly desperate for Apink to renew their contracts, but Chorong and the company are standing their ground on this and are working within the legal system, rather than only engaging online. I don't want to get my hopes too high, but I am also not ready to condemn her.

*Sigh* I really hope I don't end up eating my words. I love Apink and their comebacks after they renewed their contracts were fantastic. I want that to continue...
nah, I also think that something is wrong with A, like why now? A Pink has way past their peaks. also why releasing edited transcript and not full one? what does she want? I mean Chorong has apologized and it's like been 15 years or so.
this girl got some serious issue and it's unfortunate that Chorong is become the easy target because she's a public figure.

Chorong has been in the industry for quite some time and even from pre-debut there are people taking her side, but yeah, let's just wait for the development.
Yunho's scandal has made me wary whenever idols present themselves with this pure image, so I'm inclined to believe more of the victim's story at this juncture.

but I guess this was also why Apink wasn't able to comeback in the 1st quarter.

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