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Itzy Unveils Tracklist For “Guess Who” Mini Album: “Mafia In The Morning” As The Title Track

- 6 New Songs
1. 마피아 In The Morning or Mafia In The Morning:
- JYP for lyrics and composing, but LYRE is the first billed composer
- earattack is a regular in kpop, they've done tracks for GOT7, Twice, Stray Kids and ITZY (You Make Me), as well as Elris and others.
- KASS worked on That's A No No and BTS: DNA.
- Lee Haesol worked on NiziU: Make you happy and Twice: Hell In Heaven (and some Stray Kids).

2. Sorry Not Sorry:
- Shim Eunji has worked for Wonder Girls, 2PM, Twice, NiziU and Got7. Most recently NiziU: Take a picture, IU: Epilogue, Twice: Hell In Heaven, SSAK3 - Play That Summer, Lovelyz - Cameo.
- Lee Minyoung (EastWest) first time working with Itzy, has worked with IZ*ONE before.

3. Kidding Me:
- Kobee was one of the composers on Not Shy

4. Wild Wild West:
- Was in the running for their title track last comeback but Not Shy was chosen. Now it’s a b-side for this album.
- Andy Love worked on Twice: Yes or Yes, but he usually works with SM, like Shinee, Taeyeon, RV, SuperM, Suju, NCT, etc.
- earattack also worked on this

5. SHOOT!:
- Lyrics by Mad Clown so possibly hip hop track inspired

6. Tennis (O:O):
- Coach and Sendo most recently did Wendy: Like Water, The Boyz: The Stealer, ONF: Everybody and Loona: Oh Yes I Am.
- Cazzi Opeia worked on Icy, Surf, Be In Love and tons of RV songs like Psycho, Power Up, Sunny Side Up, Milkshake and more. They've also worked with Twice and NCT, and GFriend: Mago.

Source: @ITZYofficial, album info from @Cronodroid on r/kpop

...that name.
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