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Summary of why actor Kim Jung Hyun is in the news right now (+ Seo Ye Ji)

- It all started with Sports Chosun's dating reveal of actor Kim Jung Hyun (Crash Landing on You, Mr. Queen) and actress Seo Ji Hye, who was his co-star and love interest in Crash Landing on You. This was quickly denied by both their agencies, saying that they are just friends. (full soompi article)

- On the same day it was then reported that Kim Jung Hyun would not renew with his current agency O& Entertainment after their contract ends next month, and Seo Ji Hye’s agency Culture Depot revealed that they were discussing an exclusive contract with him.

- Dispatch came into the mix and published a report with details and photos of the two actors alleged 1 year relationship. Culture Depot commented that the two met up at home because of COVID-19 to discuss him transferring agencies. (full soompi article) Which majorly pissed off his current agency. They stated that during his time with the company he had a 11 month hiatus, so his contract was extended for these 11 months which means that his contract won't expire until next year. (And then they probably leaked this next part of the story)

- And now the actual scandal comes in. Remember his drama "Time" with Seohyun back in 2018 where he was criticized for his off-screen "method acting" (he was standoffish the whole time) and eventually even ended up leaving the drama? Here's what actually happened.

- Kim Junghyun was the male main character in the drama "Time". However he avoided doing any physical contact. He requested to change the script because he was too 'immersed'(?) in his character. He also uses the excuse of having an eating disorder. The production team couldn't do anything else besides accepting his request.

- Dispatch acquired the original script of the drama and compared it to the final scenes and found 13 romance scenes that got cut. (comparison scenes)

- Why did he refuse to do physical contact? Because his girlfriend Seo Yeji (It's Okay To Not Be Okay) asked him to. Check out the conversation (The issue was apparently verified through different sources and confirmed to be true).

Seo Yeji: Mr. Kim Stiff, leave out all the physical contacts

Kim Junghyun: Of course

Seo Yeji: Are you not going to tell me about what happened today?

Kim Junghyun: I didn't greet any of the women staff today. I was also really stiff to the others.

Kim Junghyun: I also told Director Jang (Junho) that I am not doing any romantic scenes

Seo Yeji: ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Okay. Keep up that behavior.

Kim Junghyun: The script of the 9th episode is already out. I think there's a lot to edit.

Seo Yeji: Good luck with that.


Kim Junghyun: You're the only one who can touch my hands

Seo Yeji: You have to be stiff, no matter what. Change everything. No physical contacts.

Kim Junghyun: Of course. Kim Stiff!

Seo Yeji: Are you keeping up with your behavior?

Kim Junghyun: Of course. The director of the teaser is a woman, I'm really stiff towards her.

Kim Junghyun: I made no eye contact with any women here.

Seo Yeji: Change the script so you don't have any romantic scenes or physical contacts.

Kim Junghyun: It's Seo Joohyun's turn to film right now, so I'm currently having a conversation with the men.

Kim Junghyun: I just asked Director Jang (Junho) to remove all the mellow, romantic scenes. I gave him a very logical reason.


- (Crew 1) "He kept requesting to change the script. He said that love is very important for his mental, so he asked to leave out the scenes that required physical contact. If something doesn't happen according to his wish, he would leave the set right away"

- At first, the production team was worried about him. But then they started to become suspicious. Kim Junghyun was always seen with his phone, he would never leave his phone even for a moment.

- Seo Yeji frequently requested Kim Junghyun to send videos or voice notes from the filming set. Kim Junghyun would fulfill her request by filming his surrounding secretly, mostly with the camera lens facing the floor.

Seo Yeji: How did you greet the women staffs?

Kim Junghyun: (sends a video of the filming set) I didn't greet them at all

Seo Yeji: That's right, you don't greet them

Seo Yeji: If they greet you, answer them stiffly


Seo Yeji: I'm not in a good mood. Film your surrounding and send it to me right now.

Kim Junghyun: (sends a video of his surrounding)

Seo Yeji: That's not the filming set?

Kim Junghyun: Inside the filming set, we're filming in a studio


Kim Junghyun: I'm only looking at the scripts, I'm not doing anything else

Seo Yeji: Change it up so there are no romantic scenes

Seo Yeji: I'm doing this for your happiness.

Kim Junghyun: I'm going to read the scripts

Seo Yeji: Okay, make sure you change it. No physical contacts or romantic scenes.

Kim Junghyun: Of course

- It was so bad that even the wedding scene happened without holding hands. Then Kim Junghyun decided to leave the drama. Script-writer Choi Hocheol had to edit the whole scripts. It ended with Suho drowning in the sea as he tried to save Jihyun.

- (Production Team 1) "They filmed separately. When we filmed Seohyun, Kim Junghyun wasn't there. We had to cover up Kim Junghyun's face so that Seohyun could get immersed in her character. Kim Junghyun would look away. We were very taken aback at that time"

- (Crew 2) "Script-writer Choi Hocheol was sick in the middle of filming the drama, he suffered from appendicitis and enteritis. He worked with a bag of blood beside him. We all risked our life for this"

- (Production Team 2) "That shouldn't have happened during the press conference. Seohyun tried to get immersed into her character and he interrupted her. She suffered a lot mentally. She cried a lot"

- (Production Team 3) "The stunt team was very raged as well. There was this scene where Seohyun was about to get hit by a car and Kim Junghyun was supposed to block the car with his hand, he commented 'It's not like I'm Iron Man'"

(check out pannative for a detailed breakdown on the drama scenes in the original script and the changes they did for the filming)

- After that, he went on a 11-months long hiatus and made his comeback with 'Crash Landing on You'.

[Netizen comments reacting the Seo Ye Ji + Kim Jung Hyun text convos]-She's a psychopath in real life too..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-Even married actors and actresses are not having any problems with filming mellow-romance dramas. This is beyond ridiculousㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-What the heck is this... Such a freak...

-What the fuck... Save Seohyun...

-Whoaㅋㅋㅋㅋ I'd believe it if someone told me this was a dialogue from a dramaㅋㅋㅋ

-Who the fuck do they think they are to change the scripts as they wish?? This is so stupid...

-Is this what people call gaslighting??

-She must be a crazy bitch for doing things like this...

-She's an actress herself. Why would she force him to record the filming set;;

-I just hope I wouldn't see any of these two again from now on... I'm so sick of them...

-What is this behavior...? I think they're out of their minds...

-I wonder who leaked this conversationㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-She's forbiding him to greet the women staffs?? She's crazy...

-Why did they become an actor and actress if this is what they're going to do??

-What did the staff and the director did wrong..? If that's how he's going to behave, he shouldn't have participated in the drama in the first place...

source: soompi 1 2 3 , naver 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8, theqoo 2, pannatic 1 2 3

What a ride! And probably not over yet.
Tags: actor/actress, couple, drama, scandals, seohyun

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