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Bambam & JayB measure each other up on IG: The Tale of the GymBros 💪

I didn't know what to put as a header but they're both cat ppl so...
*clears throat*

The Beginning

A long time ago (a.k.a last year), Bambam starts regularly uploading his gym progress onto twitter, such as his impressive-looking back muscles:

The build-up:

Some time passes, and then JayB (do we really have to call him that now?) updates us that he's started going to the gym again:

The confrontation:

Remember Bambam's back muslces? Perhaps J(ay)B does, as he the reigning dorito!body-supreme uploads this pic of his back on IG story and tags Bambam in it:

[the pic]Ey7DZmvUcAMkJ3k.jpg

The counter-attack:

Bambam, not deterred, is quick to respond, questioning what kinda progress-pic that even is on twitter, and then opting for a more... reconciling manner on IG:

[the pic]Ey7OvjlVEAMRUzx.jpg

The resolution:

Is Bambam calling for a friendly match with his hyung? Or is Bambam living up to his name🐍 and stays stirring the pot for lolz (he certainly isn't above it...)

The Ending:


Sources: defdaily 1, 2 / hbmark93 / BamBam1A 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

omona, do you go to the gym/lift weights/exercise? are you Dorito-shaped or just Dorito-eater?

...idk what this post is lol.
Tags: #bambam, #got7, eye candy, got7, lolz, social media/youtube

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