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SM Makes Statement On Video Of Staff Allegedly Taking Inappropriate Photo Of aespa’s Winter

SM Entertainment has made an official statement responding to fan concerns about a recent video of aespa’s Winter.

On April 14, some fans pointed out online that in a recent behind-the-scenes video of aespa at a magazine photo shoot, a man appears to be taking a photo of Winter without her knowledge. The video shows the man using his phone before walking behind Winter and briefly pausing while standing near her, and the fans asserted that he can be seen turning his phone’s camera app on beforehand.

Later that day, SM Entertainment attempted to clarify the situation by stating, “The individual who appeared in the video in question is the photographer who was in charge of the photo shoot, and we have confirmed that he didn’t do anything that warrants misunderstanding.

The agency continued, “Winter also enjoyed posing for the photo shoot at the time, and she says there was nothing upsetting nor any situations that could warrant misunderstanding on the set. We are grateful to the fans who worried about her, and we hope there will be no more misunderstandings.”

The video in question can be found below (the man accused of photographing Winter without her knowledge appears on the left around 8:56).

source: soompi, naver, aespa
Tags: aespa, sm entertainment

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