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Super Junior fans burst of conflict in Taiwan

Korea's popular idol group, Super Junior's charm actually led to having nearing 1500 fans crowding at 2 of the terminals at Taoyuan Airport, making the airport the liveliest and craziest location in Taiwan out of the 9 days of the Lunar New Year holiday.
Because of the concert at Taipei arena on the weekends, Super Junior arrived in Taiwan on the afternoon of the19th in 2 different flights. Due to the fact that the flights arrive at Terminal 2 and Terminal 1 consecutively, the organizers hired over 50 guards and self-supporting students* to guard. Some of the fans stayed over at the airport the night before to book their spaces to see their beloved idols, causing the halls of both terminals to be flooded with fans.

Although it was separated into 2 groups and 2 different flights, the blockade that was originally in place became useless once the fans sees Super Junior. Besides the intense pushing and attracting the other tourists' criticisms, they even banged hard on the glass and climbed to high places. The whole situation was nearing impossible to control. Despite so, the airport police still tells the fans to move back with a tone of displeasure.

In this trip, SJM's Zhoumi and Henry followed along and because of his schedule, Siwon will only arrive just before the concert. Both groups of members headed towards Sherwood Hotel after leaving the airport to prepare for rehearsals at the Taipei arena in the night.

Korea's popular idol group, Super Junior came to Taiwan again for a concert. The fans got into conflict with the guards. Fans who fell after all the pushing and squeezing with the Korean guards and
staff said that they will never support their idols again. Both terminal 1 and 2 of the airport was flooded with fans and the situation was rather chaotic.

Fan: "Push push push! What are you pushing for! This is Taiwan!"

Pushing! Pulling! Squeezing! The fans haven't even started to become high yet and they are already having conflicts with the guards. Fan: "hehehe!This is Taiwan!"

The fans were so angry that their idols almost became someone for them to vent their anger. Viewing everything in a different angle, the war between fans and the guards is more spectacular. Fan: "pushing me, I don't feel very good inside." Reporter: "do you still like them?" Fan: "I dont like the guards."

1, 2, 3! Rushing forward after seeing your idols, its like eagles catching a chick and on the other side, the guards still has to block away the fans' hands and build a human wall to block the fans.

Despite having 11 members that came, Super Junior's charm is still unstoppable. Despite putting up blockages, plus the self-supporting students, Taiwan's security guards, Korea's security guards and staff, the fans are still unblockable. Fan: "don't push me!"

Chasing stars until you are full of anger. I think Super Junior was also shocked by such a crazy situation and it probably left them with an unforgettable experience.

*people working and studying at the same time


Thanks to chunny for the heads-up!
Credit:tw news yahoo.com
Translated by τнє ғιяѕт тυпє ♪ @ SJ-WORLD.NET.
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