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Key and his vegetables make the news

Shinee’s Key made a surprise news appearance on April 15th when MBC’s News Today used footage of him from the variety show I Live Alone during a segment about the price of green onions.

During his recent appearance on I Live Alone, Key was shown working on his garden at home and mentioned that he recently started growing green onions, following a minor trend in Korea nicknamed ‘pa-tech’. As the price of long green onions or daepa, a common ingredient in Korean cooking, has been extremely high for several months, some people have been “investing” in growing their own at home to save money. The News Today segment used clips of Key as an example of the trend, however, they reported daepa prices are expected to drop back to normal levels by May.

Key responded to the news on Instagram with a screencap and the caption “Are you serious…?”


Source: StarToday, bumkeyk IG

Am I allowed to tag this as current events lol
Idk why but everything about this is so funny to me
Poor Key, better luck on your next investment
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