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Omona, What type of romantic are you? Take a Quiz to find out! + NU'EST Teasers Roundup

NU'EST dropped their concept homepage for their upcoming 2nd full length album "Romanticize" on April 4th and it's gone through various updates and now all pages have been unlocked. In addition to photo teasers, there's also voice DMs from the members themselves and even a personality type quiz in both ENG and KOR to find out your romantic style. It's 12 questions in total and with choices like these how can I not take a gander?

Just go to the Romanticize homepage and it'll lead you to a screen with five different colored doors and click to explore the different "rooms" If you want to go straight to the quiz, click on the [spoiler]fourth door   Hope this brings some fun to your day! MV and groups teasers are shown below in the cuts.

Groups Teasers Versions 1-5 (Image Heavy)

Omona did this quiz help you look at the term 'romanticize' in a new way? I got "Bouyant Romantic (like Baekho)" and my romance is "doing something for people who have faith in you" 

Source: Nuest-Romaticize , HYBE Labels — Teaser 2 , NUESTNEWS (1, 2)


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