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Kara’s Lupin dance will beat the Mister butt dance?

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Last summer, we were introduced to the hit song Mister and its tantalizing booty dance that took the kpop scene by storm. Girl group Kara had showed (quite literally) a whole new side to their fans and earned much praise for their hit booty shaking track.

This month, Kara has garnered much attention with the release of their dark and sexy concept and their 3rd mini album. Since the release of their title track Lupin, these girls have been topping charts left and right. With Kara’s new look and new sound, fans are getting very anxious as the comeback dates draw near. Many are also curious to see the choreography for Lupin after Gyuri and Jiyoung’s tease on yesterday’s Sukira Radio.

A representative from DSP Entertainment stated, “Lupin’s dance choreography has more charm and is much more powerful than Mister’s. We expect hot reactions from fans after their comeback performances. Kara is feeling great pressure at this time, but along with their fans, the girls have high expectations for their comeback. They are currently practicing very hard and hope to bring fans the perfect performance.”

Though the girls are set to begin their string of comebacks on Mnet’s M! Countdown on the 25th, fans can look forward to a sneak peak of the choreography through the release of the MV for Lupin on GomTV on the 22nd! The wait has definitely been getting to me these past few days, so I’m looking forward to this week! Who else is excited for this?

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