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aespa Reported To Have May Comeback, New Participant For Girl Group May!

On May 4, Ilgan Sports reported that aespa is making their final preparations for a comeback in May. The girl group is reportedly preparing lots of content that their fans can join in on.

In response to the report, SM Entertainment commented, “It is true that aespa is making a comeback in May. The exact date will be announced later.”

aespa is a four-member girl group under SM Entertainment that debuted in November 2020 with the single “Black Mamba.”

Source: U.Kim at Soompi, Naver 1, 2

Which girl group comeback(s) you’re anticipating most for May?
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Hopefully this is GOOD and is more than one song.

I feel like SM hasn't been treating their rollout well AT ALL. Usually there's more fanfare but they got one mediocre song and one christmas song in february(?), so what gives??
reminds me so much of rv with happiness/be natural, like bare minimum lol


May 4 2021, 14:14:43 UTC 5 months ago Edited:  May 4 2021, 14:17:29 UTC


I can't decide who I'm most excited about. Its a tie between WJSN's unit, Pixy and Rocket Punch. <3

NOT looking forward to the dry spell after all these comebacks tho....dark times lie ahead.
finally!!!! since they debuted i've kind of stanned them lol so i'm super excited for this
i'm excited for FROMIS, wjsn sub unit, everglow and pixy. maybe throw rocket punch in there because their music is generally close to the music i normally love but i've just never clicked with a song of theirs but i am waiting for it to happen.

can't say i'm waiting for the aespa comeback, especially in light with how many gg's have come out of small companies recently and killed it with their stage charisma aespa seem even more lacklustre in comparison to me but i still think sm are partly to blame like they may lack stage presence but sm didn't give them a good concept or song either so i'm rooting for better for them.
I feel the same about aespa. I’ve commented before how new ggs have quite good stage presence and I’m impressed by their stages. Aespa....wasn’t really included in that. I felt how they were on stage was standard but nothing amazing personally though I only watched a few stages. But they could improve.
exactly! pixy is an obvious example but even for groups where i didn't like their music i've still been quite impressed, like purplekiss and hot issue. with aespa only really ningning catches my eye and even then that isn't consistent, i don't think they have chemistry together yet on stage either but it can all be improved it's just unusual normally sm groups are pretty professional looking from the jump.
I liked Black Mamba so I'm looking forward to their release. The post-Christmas song they released in... January? was bad tho.
So many comebacks this month- we are blessed!!

I’m most looking forward to Everglow, but I’m excited to see what the nugus have to offer. I didn’t really listen to Black Mamba when it came out — but it came in random on Apple Music the other day and I was boppin.
hopefully sm’s steps up and makes sure they truly stand out (in an original way) cause they haven’t really made any impact...

hoping the song will be enjoyable. I do want to enjoy their voices and SM should capitalise on that, since they're not the most charismatic group. may is looking pretty good with all these comebacks I must say
Black Mamba has grown on me, it's an earworm. But their follow up remake track was a snoozefest for me. Let's hope that this comeback is catchy.
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