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aespa Reported To Have May Comeback, New Participant For Girl Group May!

On May 4, Ilgan Sports reported that aespa is making their final preparations for a comeback in May. The girl group is reportedly preparing lots of content that their fans can join in on.

In response to the report, SM Entertainment commented, “It is true that aespa is making a comeback in May. The exact date will be announced later.”

aespa is a four-member girl group under SM Entertainment that debuted in November 2020 with the single “Black Mamba.”

Source: U.Kim at Soompi, Naver 1, 2

Which girl group comeback(s) you’re anticipating most for May?
Tags: aespa, comebacks, sm entertainment

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i honestly don't remember replaying black mamba much (not even the stages, tbh) but i'm excited to see aespa with fuller scaler promos, they're finally joining bubble too 👀
Wow finally. Hopefully SM fired their stylist in prep for this comeback because 😬

Deleted comment

Chorrocientosmil años después. That's to say, finally! I'm curious to see which type of music they cb with.

Hm, I think I'm looking foward the most to everglow, but tbh mostly because la di da was amazing (altho i'm wary cause idk what happened to the bullying issue). Also, aespa here, hoping to get smth way better than bm and a mini. Oh, also hoping fromis_9 gets a great tt.
i actually liked black mamba, lol. but hopefully they get smth better than that and better styling this go round.
We are at that time of the year where everyone wants to get those golden months of airtime. Where they think they can get a song of the year hit and summer replay value...and then we as the listeners only like three of them overall.

When NingNing showed up with that kool aid red ass hair, a comeback was a foot. I pray that Wynter’s hair gets sorted because the time we saw it...it was a mess. I didn’t hate Black Mamba, but I want SM to read the writings on the wall and drop Girl crush era and move on. They won’t and we will probably get forced rapping from Giselle and Karina...but I can dream. I just know this is gonna be heavy discourse though.

Also fromis_9 and Rocket Punch [pre-Chaewon]. Those two are about it for me. Aespa is a soft yes.
I liked Black Mamba lol so I'm looking forward to this. I hope it's a mini-album this time!
Wait the girls debuted in November? What?

I've lost all concept of time
Lol, same. It feels like they've been out for wayyy longer.


5 months ago

idk if i'm looking forward to the comeback or overwhelmed by all the new music that's about to hit! lately i've developed an appreciation for slow release schedules. i like to really digest my music and a lot of kpop artists just don't give us time to do that. aespa only have 2 songs so far, but i know sm will ramp it up shortly.

Do we have any chance of getting a girl group poll??? I saw they’ve stopped and I miss them :( but if you’re busy I understand


5 months ago

Black Mamba was such a non entity to me. Itzy’s new song gets trashed but I can tell you how it sounds and it’s actually catchy. Black Mamba...I know some of the chorus and that’s it. It easily faded into the background *shrugs* So I’m mostly tuning in to see if they actually leave any impression this time.

I’m so far excited for GWSN, fromis 9, Pixy, Bling Bling, WJSN subunit! I’m looking forward to Rocket Punch and to some extent Everglow’s.
I'm really excited for GWSN, Everglow and Fromis 9!
black mamba was actually a huge grower for me so i'm kinda excited i won't lie
Werent there rumors they were gonna add more members? I wonder if they will like RV or keep as is. It’s interesting between BP/Itzy/aespa how were going back to the 2nd generation girl group days of smaller groups. Wonder why?

I’m really looking forward to GWSN, fromis_9, and everglow!!! We’re eating good in the neighborhood next month omona!!!
i'm looking forward to everglow the most!

black mamba grew on me in a weird way...i watched all of the stages but i don't ever actually listen to it on spotify or even have it saved. praying that sm fired whatever stylist they debuted with because all of their styling for stages and award shows was awful.

Deleted comment

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