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IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN YOU - March + April 2021

Sometimes execs and labels just fuck it up and pick the wrong song to promote a debut/comeback.
And it's up to us to find those hidden gems, that might otherwise be burried under countless songs.
Every month I'll try to look back on girl group and female soloist release (I don't have time to waste on boys) and try to find out the song that should have been "IT" but was overlooked.

What's my expertise on this?
None whatsoever.
It's just fun & games but to paraphrase the great Eugene Lee Yang

"I'm right, you're wrong, shut up, discuss in the comments".

TT: "Blood Moon"
ISHB: "Johnny GoGo"

Blood Moon" is nothing special, the Dreamcatcher influence is clear, but honestly I don't mind.
My issue with the album is the lack of cohesion. I got dizzy going from "Blood Moon" to "Shining moment".
Although "Bood Moon" was the right pick, I tend to favor "Johnny Go Go" (previously released in 2017). It's fun and could make for some very entertaining stage perf. It's like a cute time machine.

MAJORS - The beginning of legend
: "Spit it out"
ISHB: "Stronger"

There's only 2 tracks, which means a 50% chance to get it right... Yeah that didn't happend
Don't get me wrong, none of these songs are good. they both need to be speed up, as mentionned in the MV post.
"Stronger" leaves a more lasting impression (for about 10seconds). BUT, since it's basically a diet "Kill this love", I can understand why they didn't pick this one. Blinks' wrath is not something I'd wish on any nugu.

MAJORS - The beginning of legend - Rising star
"Rain on me" >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Rosé - R
: "On the ground"
ISHB: "Gone"

I mean, I have ears and so do you
"Gone">>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> "On the ground". For all it's flaws (and there's a lot of those), "Gone" os a lot more "Rosé".

Purple Kiss - Into Violet
: "Ponzona"
ISHB: "My heart skip a beat"

If Idle sound (with an intro from Billie eilish), Dreamcatcher imagery and Mamamoo vocals had a child, it would look and sound like "Ponzona".
It's not bad, in fact it's fine, but it's also highly forgettable, I doubt Purple Kiss get "on the top" with that.
"Can we talk again" could have been a Mamamoo song; it has RBW written all over it. "Skip Skip" is fun, but it's a follow up at best.
"My heart skip a beat" was the only option imo.

Weeekly - We play
: "After School"
ISHB: "Uni"

Someone needed to reclaim" yummy", and clense our soul of all the JB mess. But Yummy has too much of a RV vibe to it.
"Uni" has probably the most TT potential out of all the B-Side.

IU - Lilac
: "Lilac"
ISHB: "Coin"

I've made my opinion about City pop abundantly clear, but just in case you missed the memo: I LOVE IT. So obviously I'm biased.
Not only is "Lilac" perfect, but so is Lilac.
The only song that does nothing for me is "Hi spring bye". But it's IU and a ballad, so of course, it'll do well.
Still, "Coin" is my fave, and I'm glad we got such a fun MV for it.

WJSN - Unnatural
: "Unnatural"
ISHB: "New me"

"New me" is it. Fight me.
It might not have the oumph required for a TT but remember: I'M RIGHT, YOU'RE WRONG.
Overall I like the whole album, but it's not playlist material.
Also unpopular opinon but I actually like "Last Dance" and its NSync Byebye. It made sense as a follow up.

Lunar Solar - Rise
: "Dadada"
ISHB: "Bom Di Di Bom"

Probably not the greatest song out there but it's fun and summery (bit KARDish)
The dance break would make for some great stage perf, and help showcase the girls energy+dancing skills.

Yukika - Timeabout,
: "Insomnia"
ISHB: "Love Moth"

"Insomnia" doesn't do it for me. It's a bit too safe and almost goes into that "elevator music" territory. It's cute, but it's not THAT song (great as a  follow up though).
The rest of the mini is a lot more interesting imo.
"Love Moth" for instance is vastly superior. Same with "Time travel", another great option.

Whee In - Redd
: "Water Color"
ISHB: "Trash"

Hwa Sa? Is that you?
There's only one track with TT qualities, but for argument sake let's say "Trash" would have been a better pick.
"Springtime" is very seson appropriate, but maybe a bit too on the nose.

Hot Issue - Issue maker
: "Gratata"
ISHB: "Hide in the dark"

The album isn't "bad meaning bad" - there is potential for sure - but, it's a bit of the dated side.
Of all the tracks I would have picked "Hide in the dark". If done well, with a good MV, a more emotional song is 100% the right choice (Brave girls' "Deepened").
"Purple" would have been a cute follow up.

BIBI - Life is a Bi...
: "Bad Sad and Mad"
ISHB: "Bad Sad and Mad"

I'm highly uncomfortable with the visuals (for both the MB and the cover) and the subject in itself.
I don't mean that as kink shaming, but this type of imagery in the society we live in being on such open display bothers me (is that provocative art @Lena Waithe?)

ITZY - Guess Who
: "In the morning"
ISHB: "Kidding Me"

Although ITZY isn't always my cup of tea, I can usually enjoy their TT. Usually.
"In the morning" manage to be both bland and annoying, which is never a good combination. "Kidding me" is a lot more palatable, but a bit too BlackPink for my liking (it's also missing that ITZY signature vibe). Sadly it's the only option out of all the B-SIDE.
"Shoot" would work as a follow up.

StayC - Staydom
: "ASAP"

I don't like ASAP, but it's the only TT out of the mini. All of the other songs are b-side to the core.
Now if we're talking in term of quality, I agree with gathyou
"Love fool" >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Wendy - Like Water
: "Like water"
ISHB: "Why don't you love me"

She has a great voice, she knows how to sing, but where is the emotion? The chills? The electricity running through my body.
If you're giving me ballads, you better give me the tears to go with it.
"Why can't you love me" is cute, more upbeat

Kim Sejeong - I'm
TT: "Warning"
ISHB: "Teddy Bear"

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