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Narsha Looks Like Bae YongJoon?

Brown Eyed Girls Narsha was a guest in the recent episode of SBS Intimate Note in where she revealed that she is known as Bae YongJoon in high school.

Who would have thought that BEG’s very own seductress was a tomboy in high school? However, her boyish appeal was what made her popular in high school, and apparently also Bae YongJoon’s look-a-like. How about you see it for yourself.

Narsha stated, “My nickname was Bae Yong Joon because of my short-cut hair and horn-rimmed glasses.” Bae YongJoon is famous for his drama Winter Sonata and Hotelier and had captured many female hearts. You can guess that a YongJoon look-a-like would attract many female students and of course, Narsha received fan mails from them.

Narsha added “I got letters on my desks form girls. It’d read ‘I want to be close friends with you, so if you like my letter, reply and put it on my desk.’”

Many probably wants to be in Narsha’s shoes now–popular with both the males and females.

S: Newsen
T: whoaarr @ Kpoplive
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