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K-drama Brain Map with Vincenzo & Behind The Scenes

It’s the man of the hour, Vincenzo Quas- we mean Cassano. What exactly occupies this consigliere's mind? Sure, there’s some stuff in there that not everyone worries about (see: a mountain of gold, bringing down evil corporations) but it looks like at the end of the day even mafia bosses have the same things on their mind—family, love, and how to deal with pesky birds that keep you up at night 🇮🇹☕️💰🐦👸🏻

Feel the wrath of Jeon Yeo-been’s powerful high-kicks, watch as Kwak Dong-yeon puts his duck communciation skills to the test, and see who wins Song Joong-ki and Ok Taek-yeon’s spicy noodle face-off! 🔥 Also, leave it to the Babel brothers to show us just how exciting a workout session can be 😉

source: The Swoon 1 2
Tags: drama, song joong-ki, taecyeon

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