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🍭 Twice Post: “Kura Kura” Performance, New B-Side, Group Vlog, Album Info

The single album for Kura Kura released in Japan, this is the b-side paired with it. Both songs have instrumentals released as well.

This video is definitely worth a watch for Twice fans! Very sweet & sentimental. Jeongyeon crying and hugging Nayeon at the end 🥺

On Time to Twice, the girls roleplayed running an entertainment agency and they were going to debut an idol in Jeongyeon’s image (to make up for her not participating.) Here’s a quick video of her reacting to how they included her on the YouTube show.

This isn’t set in stone, but the preview on itunes shows 6 songs for the new mini. Fans on Twitter aren’t too happy that most of the songs are quite short, though some are arguing that it’s good for streaming and that they’ve had short songs before like Girls Like Us on their Fancy You album. Title Track is still a pretty normal length though.

The album has 3 different versions: Taste, Fallen, & In Love. The album is up for preorder on Target & Amazon (maybe for the first time on the release date for comeback?? American fans seem really excited it’s available for both).

The title track is rumored to be “First Time”. Jade from Little Mix is writing lyrics for the song. Jihyo is also writing lyrics, making it her first time and for any Twice member to write for a title track. Keep in mind though her name is lower on the credit list, so she probably contributed a few parts (Before fans in general run off saying she wrote a lot of the song. That’s just not true or her name would be higher.)

Source: Inspire Kimmy, multiple videos from Twice, @misayeon, @jypetwice, @jihyopeachy
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