Athena (lightframes) wrote in omonatheydidnt,

M Countdown 210513 (Ep. 709)


Keembo - Whatever

[Hot Issue]

Hot Issue - GRATATA


Blitzers - Breathe Again


D.Ark - Genius (feat. Changmo)

[Mad Monster]

Mad Monster - Mine Rudolph

[Jeong Dong Won]

Jeong Dong Won - My Favorite


Soran - Dang!

[Second Aunt KimDaVi]

Second Aunt KimDaVi - Up!


P1Harmony - Scared


ONEUS - Black Mirror


ENHYPEN - Drunk-Dazed


ONF - Ugly Dance


AB6IX - Close


ITZY - In The Morning

[NCT Dream]

NCT Dream - Dive Into You

NCT Dream - Hot Sauce


BAE173 - Loved You

[Oh My Girl]

Oh My Girl - Dear You

Oh My Girl - Dun Dun Dance

Sources: @OfficialMwave | Mnet K-POP
Tags: ab6ix, fnc entertainment, hip hop, itzy, keembo/spica, mbk entertainment, mnet countdown, nct, oh my girl, oneus, rock music, trot, wm entertainment

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