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[PICS] 2010 02 21 Nichkhun + DooJoon at Ninoy Aquino Int. Airport in Manila

Went to the airport with two friends today! Here are some Nichkhun and DooJoon photos:

He was really, really adorable and smiled a lot ^^

ᅲᅲᅲᅲ PD nim! (okay so apparently dude is an MC?) Your back's covering Khun's pretty face!


Khun and DooJoon together~

The boys and the staff were quite surprised that there were fans waiting at the airport ^^;; Boys were really nice!

My friend who's a huge Nichkhun fan got to hand him her letter, he said thank you, and she got to hug him from behind~~

When the boys got into the coaster, we got to take pics for a while. And then it started to move, and we thought they were really leaving, but it turns out they were still waiting for staff and so they parked a short distance from the Arrival area.

There was another DanBi coaster, and a main DanBi bus.

The coaster Khun and DooJoon were in stayedparked for a while (about 30 minutes??) so fans were able to take photos of them.

Khun kept smiling and waving! DooJoon too.^^ DooJoon posed for fans a lot, and made heartsigns~!

Khun holding/reading my friend's letter

^Coaster with Khun + DooJoon and PDs

^DanBi staff bus~~

The coasters and bus left at around 1:07PM. No one's really sure where they're going~ But Filipino hottests be on the look-out^^ He's heree! Haha ^^

*note: my friends and i took more pictures, but since i need to go soon, these are the only ones i can post for now ^^;;

Friend's (happy/spazzy xD) fan account -- FARK IN THE WORLD I CAN NOW DIE HAPPILY (lol, ily, peasy)

^*i stand corrected* One of the MC's was really happy when he saw the fans waiting at the airport :))

CREDITS convolution / mishie @ naver + AwesomeFivesome
Tags: 2pm, airport, highlight, nichkhun

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