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Flashback Friday

Happy Friday! Every week I go through the charts for this day in the past and post the top three songs. Then I pick out two more from the top ten as honorable mentions. This week, we are going back to the 2nd week of May, 2015. All of the songs have been posted before, so this time we will check out some live stages.

#3 Park Jin Young featuring Jessi “Who’s Your Mama?”
This was a big hit for him, peaking at #1. I remember being super annoyed because he released the song less than two weeks after Miss A’s comeback (after 2 years!), and this song kicked them off the top spot. Like, he could have waited a bit and let them have some time to shine but no. Anyways. I have yet to hear this song or see a live stage completely through lol. He made his comeback on the finale of K-Pop Star 4, where he was the judge.

#2 EXID “Ah Yeah”
After “Up And Down” shot back up the charts a few months earlier, the group took that momentum and released “Ah Yeah”. So smart because this song would become a hit as well! The song would peak at #2, and is the group’s second biggest selling song, after “Up And Down”. They would also win a handful of music show trophies.

#1 EXO “Call Me Baby”
This was the lead single from the group’s second full album “Exodus”. Apparently the song was released earlier than scheduled because it got leaked. I don’t remember that in particular, but I feel like EXO stuff has been leaked before so it sounds legit lol. This would be the first group release without Kris and Luhan, and the last with Tao. The song was a success, one of their biggest sellers, charted well for weeks, and would win 18 music show trophies. Here's their stage at the 2017 KBS Song Festival.

Honorable Mentions

#4 Miss A “Only You”

Like I mentioned above, this was the group’s comeback after 2 years. It was the lead single from their “Colors” EP. The song would debut at the top spot, and the album would peak in the top three. Here’s their goodbye stage at Inkigayo. I think this was one of their last group stages, period. Following this song’s release, the group would go into an indefinite hiatus. JYP would formally announce the disbandment in 2017.

#7 Block B Bastarz “Zero For Conduct”
The group was really busy in 2015, debuting in Japan, world tours, and solo activities. They would also debut their first unit group, Bastarz, consisting of members P.O, U-Kwon, and B-Bomb. This was their first release, composed by their group’s former leader Zico. Both the song and the album, “Conduct Zero”, would peak in the top ten. Here’s the unit’s debut stage at Music Core.

source: JYP Entertainment 1 2, MBCkpop 1 2, KBS WORLD TV & kbsworld
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