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Lizzy's past comments about drunk driving catch attention

Afterschool Lizzy's past comments about drunk driving are catching attention.

In an interview with Seoul Economic Daily in May 2019 after filming 'Desperate Young-ae', Lizzy showed strong resistance to drunk driving stating, "the most upsetting thing is seeing a murderer that drives after drinking. When I see a drunk driver in a vehicle, I immediately make a call to 112 (police) to prevent an irreversible accident."

She added, "When I saw an acquaintance that was drinking at our table show signs of going to drive while drunk, we called a substitute driver immediately. When we saw someone in another table in the same bar that also planned to drive while drunk, we reported it to police and informed them of their route of travel. Just for a proxy fee of 20,000 won (~$15) you can get home safe and save on tens of thousands of won from drunk driving."

sources: dailynaver, Chosun Ilbo

Tags: after school, ex-group members, scandals

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