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Jo Kwon denies rivalry with Yoon Sang Hyun

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The first episode of Family Outing Season 2 aired only recently, yet the negative reviews from netizens have been running rampant on various online noticeboards. In particular, idol singer Jo Kwon faced criticism for his snide remark towards actor Yoon Sang Hyun about his “trivial” role in the show.

In his defense, Jo Kwon updated his me2day on the 21st with a picture of himself and the new variety member. He also wrote, “I am really shocked… I’m not that kind of person. Especially when we’re so close…like this ㅠㅠ”

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Through the SBS variety show, Jo Kwon and Yoon Sang Hyun were dubbed as the Tom and Jerry couple for their constant bickers and petty quarrels.

In one scene, Jo Kwon jabbed, “I thought he would be a gentlemen, but now that I have met him in person, he’s actually a burden. He’s a bit insignificant.”

In another scene, Yoon Sang Hyun, who appeared noticeably tired to the Family, explained, “Last night, I was debating on how to go about today’s filming that I couldn’t even sleep.” Jo Kwon snidely remarked, “And you’re still like this?” Yoon Sang Hyun, hurt, inquired, “Jo Kwon, do you hate me?” leaving the cast members in laughter.

The reaction of the viewers entailed, “I feel so bad for Yoon Sang Hyun,” “Jo Kwon’s “He’s insignificant” comment crossed the line,” and “I didn’t like watching Jo Kwon treat Yoon Sang Hyun, who is much older than him, so harshly.”

On the other hand, some were more understanding of the 2AM leader:

“FO2’s scriptwriters are the problem. They’re ruining Jo Kwon’s image that he built through WGM. I feel bad…. Jo Kown. He’s gaining momentum through ‘kkab’ too……”
“Jo Kwon…just leave [the show]…It’s not a place where you should be~”

Through the picture he posted on his me2day, Jo Kwon proved that the seemingly crude character he plays on Family Outing Season 2 is only an act. We should all know by now that the only harm the “real” Jo Kwon can do is by violently shaking his behind to Abracadabra or butchering the English language.


My message to Netizens:
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