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Flashback Friday

It’s Friday! Every week I go through the charts for this day in the past and share the top three songs. Then I pick out two more from the top ten as honorable mentions. This week, we are going back to see what was on top for the 4th week of May, 2013.

#3 Shinhwa “This Love”
I still and will probably always love this tbh. I think this works because they 100% committed to everything. They said “this is our 15th anniversary album and we are grown men now and we will do what we want and what we want is to pose and vogue and serve for 3 minutes and 44 seconds”. Like, I’m not sure that’s an accurate quote…but I wouldn’t put it past Minwoo lol. They took 8 music show wins for this song, surpassing their own personal record from back in 1999. It’s been a while, so let’s check out the MV again.

#2 4Minute “What’s Your Name?”
The lead single from their EP “Name Is 4Minute”. This would be their first song to make it to the top spot on the charts. It is also one of their biggest selling songs. It was their comeback after a year filled with Japanese activities and a Cube world tour. During promotions for the song, Hyuna fainted due to fever and dehydration. She would rest for about a week and half, rejoining the group for this stage at M Countdown.

#1 Lee Hyori “Bad Girls”
This was the lead single off of her “Monochrome” album, her first comeback after 3 years. The song would debut at the top spot, and eight of the songs on the album would land in the top ten on the charts. Here’s her live stage at Mnet’s 20’s Choice Awards Show. *SNL Stefon voice* This performance has everything…a rock version remix of the song, actresses/comediennes Kim Seulgi and Ahn Miyoung, lots of faux leather and fishnets, a pre-debut half nekked oiled up Monsta X Shownu, drag queens, and obviously a fabulous Lee Hyori.

Honorable Mentions

#9 4Men “Propose Song”

This song is exactly how you think it would sound judging by the title lol. A mellow R&B song with lyrics about proposing to a girl. No doubt this has been used a few times by countless men over the years lol. 4Men first formed in 1998, and they have had many members join and leave the group in those years. The current lineup, now at 4th generation, recently released a new song last month.

#10 Secret “Yoo Hoo”
This was the lead single from their “Letter From Secret” EP, and a return to the cute aeygo concept that was a huge hit for them back in 2011. But I think I liked this one better than the previous songs. Those were too much for me lol. Both the song and the album would peak in the top ten.

source: SHINHWA OFFICIAL, Mnet K-POP 1 2, 1theK, MBCkpop & gaon
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