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B2ST 2nd Mini Album to be released on March 2!

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비스트 (Beast) ★ 2nd Mini Album : Shock Of The New Era
Album Type: Mini Album
Release Date: 2010.03.02
Genre: Electronic, Rock, R&B, Pop, and Dance
Record Label: Cube Entertainment, Universal Music
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Track List:
01. Just Before Shock
02. Shock
03. Special
04. 내 여자친구를 부탁해 (Say No)
05. Easy

Beast is going to create a new trend for the year 2010 with the music genre Rocktonic.

The title song 'Shock' is suppose to be like listening to heavy metal. Powerful, yet exciting, rhythms blend, overly stylized and light, igniting a powerful shock.

source: yes24
via dae_unf @ cube_b2st

more on the album:

The title track's "Shock" will show off heavy metal-like guitar riffs with a synth loop, as well as a compact but weighty rhythm. It will surprise anyone used to the standard idol fare. Also, its strong beat contrasts with its sad lyrics, making the listener feel emotional even with an exciting track.

The track will be produced by Shinsadong Tiger and Lee Sang Ho who also worked on 4Minute's "Muzik" and Beast's "Bad Girl" and "Mystery." The album is made even more original with its mastering, which was done by England's The Exchange studio who has mastered albums by Daft Punk, Justice, and Prodigy. The studio's remastering has further impacted the album, encouraging a new, strong sound.

Beast's dance quality will also be improved, as the choreography will be done by Beyonce's and Omarion's choreographer as well as six world-renowned choreographers from Korea's best studio Hawoosin.

credits to filmsession @ omona_prection  thanks seiji_gaku <3

SHAKING AND CRYING. march 2 is nearing, and it seems they'll be battling against the girl groups.
idc, seriously. let's party, anyone?

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