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Prosecution Drops Charges Against BoA And Staff For Importation Of Medicine

Prosecutors will not be filing charges against BoA and her staff for the illegal importation of drugs.

Back in December 2020, BoA and one of her staff members were questioned by prosecutors about bringing psychotropic drugs like Zolpidem (a type of sleep medication) into Korea without following official importation procedures. At the time, SM Entertainment clarified that the staff member in question had obtained the drugs through proper measures but had made errors in the customs process out of ignorance.

On June 4, 2021, SM Entertainment released the following statement:

Regarding the case about our artist BoA, the prosecutors decided to not pursue the charges at the end of last month.

The employee in question sent to Korea the sleep medication that had been prescribed for BoA during her Japanese promotions, but wasn’t aware of the legal measures required and did not get the proper permissions for medical products. BoA and the staff member carefully explained the details of the medical subscription, how they had sent the medication overseas, and the situation regarding the official procedures, and faithfully participated in the investigation.

source: soompi, nate
Tags: boa, court / legal issues

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