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Cho PD dedicates a sex song to Tiger Woods

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Cho PD, real name Cho Joong Hoon is an old school rapper who debuted 11 years ago with his album In Stardom. He was educated at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts and has brought over his own unique rap sound to Korea. Earlier today, Cho PD released a digital album titled 보란듯이 (Given Advice) and it has two tracks 보란듯이 featuring Jung Seul Ki and Sex Sex Sex featuring Saht Byul.

The first song is decent enough but the second song is a bit controversial as it’s a sex song dedicated to the sex addict Tiger Woods. The song features some explicit lyrics and it’s a pretty simple song with a simple beat. The songs hook of sex-sex-sex is pretty catchy but I’m sure this song will catch some major flack. I’m interested to see what’s going to happen with this song.

As for Tiger Woods, it’s bad enough over here in the States but now he’s got cats across the Pacific making sex songs for him. Poor guy, whatever he does he seems to dig himself into a deeper hole, no pun intended. Hopefully Tiger recovers soon and gets back to what he does best, I would love to see him at the Masters. Thanks to phil for the tip.

Sex Sex Sex

보란듯이 (Given Advice)


Strange, but I'll take a listen for myself I guess....
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