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Han Ye Seul spills the tea in new tell-all video

Han Ye Seul has gone head-to-head to fight recent controversial rumors.

On the 9th, Han Ye-seul released a 23-minute video on her YouTube channel and quickly explained everything from her boyfriend's past to the Burning Sun controversy.

Rather than the obvious tearful explanations, she boldly addressed rumors stating at times "should I even say this?" and didn't hesitate to curse several times emphasizing, "celebrities are people too."

Below is a Q&A summary of Han Ye Seul's retorts to growing rumors.

- Is it true that you dated a chaebol named Wonjin?
"That's right. I did. I feel sorry that his name is mentioned after a long time but this is a private issue so I'd rather not talk about it. Please understand."

- Did he really give you a Ferrari as a gift?
"He did and I accepted it. What's wrong with that? I think a boyfriend can gift whatever he wants to his girlfriend. My boyfriend bought it for me so why can't I accept it? Can't I proudly say that?

- Have you ever been to America together?
"No. I've been to America alone."

- Is Teddy among your past lovers?
"Yes. We went public with our relationship. He's a friend I loved a lot. A man and a woman can date and also breakup. But after we broke up, words like "he must've cheated" or "there was another woman" or "someone must've done wrong" came up. Why does there need to be this kind of reason for a man and a woman to breakup? We dated naturally and broke up. "

- There are rumors you were dumped by Teddy because of Black Pink's Jennie?
"I don't know Jennie's history at all and I've never met her. It's absolutely not true that I was dumped because of her. Maybe they're linking them together because they're both in YG."

- I heard you were dumped by your previous boyfriend and are "raising up" your current boyfriend?
"It's a pity. Talking like this without knowing the details.. **** (expletive). Other boyfriends know how novel this story is. My boyfriend is still very young and yes, there are things he should work on but "raising up", wow, what a lovely expression. I see it more as "building him up," even that sounds funny. They say that a talented woman treats her boyfriend well so of course I'm going to help him. My boyfriend isn't a "beastie boy" either. "

- Did you really gift your boyfriend (Ryu Seung-jae) a Lamborghini Huracan?
"No. It's my car. I really like purple."

- Is your boyfriend from a host bar?
"No. There are reports of him working in adult entertainment industry, but no. He's never been or worked at a host bar. He's not a scammer or someone who ripped off other people. He's not a sex worker either. As far as I know, he's not that kind of person. It's unforgivable to trample on a man's bright future with malicious comments."

- Why did you reveal your boyfriend's face?
"I knew by revealing his face, his past will be revealed too. But I did without hesitation because I was confident in his past and knew he's was not a problematic person."

- There is a victim of your boyfriend's crimes?
"I'm curious about it too. Please report it to the police and file a complaint. I will reveal the truth in the court of law. I'd rather talk about it then...let's reveal it in court."

- Are you the "drugged up" actress at Burning Sun?
"I went to Burning Sun only once in my life. It wasn't even a private room, it was a public hall where everyone could see me. Because of going there once I've been painted as a "drug addict" and actress that was "drooling" all over herself and someone that's promiscuous with her personal life. Using Burning Sun to kill Han Ye Seul. Great. I’m going to be suing."

"There were many issues related to Burning Sun, such as drugs and prostitution. But does that mean that the many people who went to Burning Sun over the years are all druggies? The one time I went, it was for a Halloween party. I invited my friends, acquaintances, and co-workers for the Halloween party and rented a table. We all dressed up in Halloween costumes and went there to have fun. And we had a really great time.”

"Burning Sun employees offered me a private room because I was there as a famous celebrity but I turned it down. I asked why would I party in a stuffy room? I want to party in the hall behind the DJ area because it had the best view of the main stage. I had a really great time with my friends and because I'm a celebrity there was a ton of bodyguards there. Would I have been crazy enough to do drugs there?? There were many people watching us. I can prove this without a doubt in the courts because there were a lot of witnesses. In the end, one my close friends' husband came and picked us up and I made it home safely by car without any issues."

- There are rumors you received 1 billion won in compensation for a medical accident?
"Your body is the most important thing so its sad to hear people just refer to it as a scar. It wasn't just a scar to me but a deeper pain but I was treated like a thief looking for a payout. I'm the victim...I got killed twice. Those who weren't there can't speak on the situation. This is something I experience deep within my bones and was hurt to the point money can't fix. It's not easy to talk about it."

- There are also rumors that you worked at an LA room salon?
"I've never been to a room salon in LA. I was just an ordinary student. I didn't even know I was going to be a celebrity. I worked part-time at a clothing store, department store, or restaurant. People around me recommended me to go to a supermodel contest, and I won first place and was pressured to go to the finals held in Seoul. It was an event hosted by SBS."

- Why haven't you sued?
"Everyone around me told me not to react and keep quiet. That everything will pass. It was unfair and I was so angry but they told me to be patient and make a wise decision. I figured it was just gossip so I tried to not take it seriously but that wasn't the case. How is it any different from attempted murder when you trample on someone's personal with groundless attacks and unconfirmed speculations?"

"It looks like I'll have to file a lawsuit so please keep an eye on how things turn out in the end. I'm very impatient myself but I've realized things don't work that way."

sources: Daily Sports, Dailynaver, HYS Youtube Channel

I admire her for setting the record straight. She really dgaf and I like that.
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